Blinn College Parking Rehabilitation  
Bryan, TX  
Blinn College Parking Rehabilitation consisted of the reconstruction of an existing parking lot, the addition of two new parking lots, and the rehabilitation of over 100,000 SY of existing parking lot. Some of the challenges faced with this project included: pedestrian traffic control, unmarked utility lines, and an end of summer deadline.  
Scope of Work            
9,382 SY of HMAC Demolition     185 SY of HMAC Patching
18,667 SY of Sub-Grade Stabilization     16,664 SY of Concrete Paving
13,712 CY of Earthwork     101,892 SY of HMAC Seal Coat
Irrigation Replacement     3,300 LF of Curb & Gutter
Pavement Markings & Signage     Electrical Replacement
Project Size: 21 Acres     Original Cost: $994,819.00
Type of Construction: Expansion     Final Cost:   $1,156,038.00
Notice to Proceed Date: 4/3/2009     Project Manager: Billy Prewitt
Original Completion Date: 9/1/2009     Project Superintendent: Martin Jackson
Actual Completion Date: 9/25/2009     BPI's Role:   General Contractor
Company:   Blinn College          
Owner Representative: Richard O'Malley        
Company:   Goodwin Lassiter        
Engineer Representative: John Rusk          
Electrical College Station Electric      
Irrigation Conrad's Custom Landscape      
Striping   Pavement Maintenance