Barron Rd.
College Station, TX
The Barron Road Widening Phase II project includes widening Barron Road from a 2-lane
asphalt roadway, to a 4-lane concrete roadway with a raised median, bike lanes, sidewalks, curb
and gutter, and subsurface storm sewer system between Decatur Drive and Barron Cutoff Road.
Scope of Work            
17,250 CY of Earthwork   81,210 SF of Sidewalk
434,160 SF of Concrete Paving     23,978 LF of Curb & Gutter
55,948 SY of Lime Stabilization     4032 LF of RCP & RCB Storm Sewer
Project Size: 76 Sta.     Original Cost: $4,175,000.00
Type of Construction: New     Final  Cost:   $4,175,000.00
Notice to Proceed Date: 12/15/2010     Project Manager: Billy Prewitt
Original Completion Date: 2/1/2012     Project Superintendent: Shawn Erstrom
Actual Completion Date: 2/1/2012     BPI's Role:   General Contractor
Company:   City of College Station      
Owner Representative:          
Company:   Mitchel & Morgan        
Engineer Representative: Veronica Morgan        
 Landscape Conrad's Custom         
      Electrical Bayer Electric