Lakeway Drive
College Station, TX
Lakeway Drive was developed in two phases simultaneously, One phase was built to service the St. Joseph Hospital, and the second phase was to service Lowe's at the Corinth Property development. This 1/2 mile of city roadway was built with strict time restrictions to allow the new Lowes a certificate of occupany. 
Scope of Work            
13,550 CY of Earthwork   2320 LF of Waterline
122,596 SF of Concrete Paving     4572 LF of Curb & Gutter
14,948 SY of Lime Stabilization     1250 LF of RCP Storm Sewer
Project Size: 6 Acre     Original Cost: $1,010,225.00
Type of Construction: New     Final  Cost:   $1,010,225.00
Notice to Proceed Date: 9/5/2009     Project Manager: Landon Alford
Original Completion Date: 2/1/2010     Project Superintendent: Shawn Erstrom
Actual Completion Date: 2/1/2010     BPI's Role:   General Contractor
Company:   Manhattan Construction      
Owner Representative: Lisa Cantrell          
Company:   Mitchel & Morgan        
Engineer Representative: Veronica Morgan        
 Landscape Conrad's Custom         
      Electrical Dailey Electric