St. Joseph Urgent Care Hospital
College Station, TX
The St. Joseph EDI Hospital included building pad preparation for the new urgent care center, concrete parking lots and a helicopter pad. The site utilities installed in this project included future services for the undeveloped campus and storm drainage to mediate wet lands and wet weather creeks on the property.
Scope of Work            
18,000 CY of Earthwork   2355 LF of Waterline
90,596 SF of Concrete Paving     850 LF of Sanitary Sewer
10,048 SY of Lime Stabilization     2200 LF of RCP & HDPE - Storm Sewer
Project Size: 6 Acre     Original Cost: $1,010,225.00
Type of Construction: New     Final  Cost:   $1,010,225.00
Notice to Proceed Date: 12/5/2008     Project Manager: Landon Alford
Original Completion Date: 9/1/2009     Project Superintendent: Damon Pittman
Actual Completion Date: 8/25/2009     BPI's Role:   Sub Contractor
Company:   Manhattan Construction      
Owner Representative: Lisa Cantrell          
Company:   Mitchel & Morgan        
Engineer Representative: Veronica Morgan