TAMU CHP Upgrade
College Station, TX
The TAMU CHP Upgrade consisted of installing over 140,000 LF of 6" Conduit in Electrical Duct Banks all across TAMU campus at depth of 15'- 20'. BPI also performed all the ashphalt and concrete demo & replacement on Jones St., Ross St. , Houston St. ,Throckmorton St. , and Nagle St. Other parts of the project included 10' thick slabs for the generator foundations, brick paver installation, and 48" Bores.
Scope of Work            
6630 LF of 6' x 4' Concrete Encased Duct Bank   4600 SY of Asphalt Paving
7420 SY of Concrete Paving     22 EA of 12' x 12' Electrical Manholes
500 LF of 48" Dry Bore     3905 LF of Curb & Gutter
Project Size: N/A     Original Cost: $5,530,000.00
Type of Construction: Renovation     Final  Cost:   $5,530,000.00
Notice to Proceed Date: 6/15/2010     Project Manager: Landon Alford
Original Completion Date: 2/14/2010     Project Superintendent: Martin Jackson
Actual Completion Date: 2/14/2010     BPI's Role:   Sub Contractor
Company:   Harvey Cleary        
Owner Representative: John Hoot          
Company:   Jacobs Engineering        
Engineer Representative: Josh Pettijohn        
Striping   Service Maintenance        
Boring   Bortunco